Active Voice is no more. It's entire operation was bought out by AVST, it's long-time competitor in the voice mail field.

Repartee for Windows 2000 is discontinued. I thought it was the best version ever made, better than the OS/2 version and far better than the Linux version which is all that is left.

Maintenance on Repartee systems continues to be available despite these changes. But one part is not available, the so-called key. All components except the key are available. Without the key, the systems will not run.

Well, that is not quote the whole story. As you may or may not know, voice board and other board designs have changed. Chassis (aka PCs) are rarely available for the old long Dialogic voice cards. All current systems use a smaller Dialogic board that is incompatible with old PCs. The good news is that both Dialogic boards are available. The bad news is that PCs that support the old boards are not readily available.

Software is frozen in time for all systems except the Linux version. Crashed systems can be brought back to life, but no upgrades exist except for the Linux version.

This is a sorrowful story. We were involved with Active Voice and Repartee almost from day one. We sold one of the first Repartee systems in NYC to Pan Am Shuttle, an airline that was based at LaGuardia Airport. When they shutdown and were bought out by Delta Airlines, that Repartee system moved to Georgia and provided voice mail services for years after.

Voice mail is, today, typically provided by cards inserted into telephone systems. This costs far less than a stand alone voice mail system. Plus, they provide almost all of the features of stand along systems.

Repartee, AVT and other systems all ran on PCs and cost thousands of dollars. Current voice mail systems run on cards or chips that you can hold in your hand and cost near nothing compared to the PC-based systems.

Thus goes technology, forever advancing. That's a good thing, but with respect to Repartee, a sad thing.